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Giuseppe Tallarita

Founder and Managing Partner of Studio Tallarita, I give our customers the expertise I gained from working on the other side of the fence as Senior for the Italian Finance Police between 1954 and 1976.
In fact, my deep experience “in the field”, has given me an excellent, in-depth insight into the mentality of the Italian Tax Offices. This means I am particularly well-placed to act as a mediator in delicate discussions between tax authorities and our customers,
I am an expert in accountancy, tax advice, company law.
I manage the allocation of work in Studio Tallarita with my partners and I support our employees in all their duties.


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Dr. Elena Tallarita

I was born in 1973, I started my work in 1991 and I graduated in economics in 2001. As well as accounting and tax consultancy, I am also responsible for:

-marketing and development strategies for small businesses
– assistance to managers in the catering industry
– attorney for disabled people to ensure for them the maximum protection with a professional level of support
– providing in-house training to businesses in respect of accounting and tax practices and developments


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Our partners

Our Studio collaborates with some legal specialists to offer you a comprehensive service:

Lawyer Dr. Elena Fesi

Elena has worked as a lawyer since 2006 and specialises in civil law. She has significant and in-
depth experience in commercial law and debt recovery. She deals with litigation relating to commercial activity, including contractual, property and non-contractual matters. She also deals with litigation relating to private matters such inheritance and family law. Since 2011, Elena has also been a professional civil judge on the Milan circuit.


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Lawyer Dr. Michele Dondi

“I was born in 1968 and I have been registered with the Milan Bar since 2000. My specialist areas are labor and social security law; I worked for the Milan branches of important domestic and international law firms for over ten years. I speak and write English language fluently. I am a member of the Italian Labor Lawyers association (the “AGI”).

My work is focused mainly in the following areas:
– labor advice and employment terminations;
– advising on extraordinary operations and company restructuring (CIGS, collective redundancies);
– litigation of abor and social security cases.


Dr. Maurizio Confente

I am a tax dispute specialist, chartered accountant and auditor. I can support your business when dealing with all kinds of tax and accounting disputes (e.g. relating to income tax or,sales tax). You can rely upon me to understand exactly the nature of the dispute, how best to defend or promote your position with the tax authorities and get the right result for you.


Michael Chambers

Michael Chambers is an English tutor with over 1,000 hours of experience of online one-to-one tuition to clients from around the world. He worked as a professional lawyer in England for 12 years, including for 6 years at top London commercial law firm, Berrymans Lace Mawer LLP.

Michael works with Elena Tallarita to produce the English language content of this website. He also specialises in teaching professional writing skills, and corrects business documents, CVs/resumes and presentations for international clients. Michael worked for a year in hospitality and his next project is a specialised phrasebook for waiters.

Contact Michael if you would like to chat with him about his services. He speaks French, Spanish and elementary Italian. www.chambersenglish.com