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Changing is hard: not changing is fatal!

In this article, I will share with you some thoughts about Italy’s freelance digital innovation.

(source: 2015-2016 Osservatorio Professionisti e Innovazione Digitale of Milan’s Politecnico report)

Today every single freelancer and business entrepreneur is in the era of digital disruption; a digital revolution is breaking the old business models and rewarding new digital businesses. Updating your business soon and better than your competitors will give you great advantage over your competitors in terms of attracting and keeping clients and sales.

Even if you haven’t thought about these changes yet, you will still have to deal with them very soon; perhaps you have already made progress and you are changing your working methods because you understand and agree with the value of current technology; perhaps you are open-minded because you are thinking about the importance of change but you haven’t still implemented it; or perhaps you are still unaware of the need to develop.

Let’s talk about the main digital changes you could be interested in!

Digital literacy: time-saving

The current small improvement in the Italian economy is inspiring learning organizations to invest and so gain efficiency and free time; we estimate that 20 days each year are saved due to digital innovation.

You can make great time savings in the future by investing time today in learning new technologies! You can invest the time saved in creating new relationships with your customers, in new professional training, in creating new services, and in studying new marketing strategies for your business.

The new relationships between business partners

Today people are using more and more digital devices – PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Business professionals have to get hold of a lot of digital information and then understand, organize, and develop it so that they can forecast what their customers’ needs every day.

Government bodies are , for example, have a close relationship with internet intermediaries (like us). An important digitalization process has started, forcing advisors and intermediaries and their customers to get up-to-date by using:

  • the online “Mod. F24” tax payment form (with Entratel online service for intermediaries)
  • the online “cassetto fiscale” service, which is used to check tax payments, annual tax reports and other relevant tax information
  • the legal,  certified email (“pec”) service necessary for businesses for much of their communication with local government offices

By using this new email service, you can save mailing costs and time because you don’t need to go physically to a post office.

You have to check your email with the specific app; all public bodies are aiming to eventually send every email via this new service, and so permanently remove the need for paper.

  • The “cassetto bidirezionale and previdenziale Inps” online service

With this service, everyone can check their social security information using a password and a “smart card”

Every business professional can use this service to communicate directly with the Italian social security department/agency (Inps) directly or through/via their adviser. It’s currently an experimental service but soon it will be the only option.

Every business professional has to check their online page periodically to see if any communication has been sent by the local office.

  • the “smart card” is a special card issued by the Chamber of Commerce that allows users to browse all local government office websites and manage transactions.
  • free software issued by Agenzia delle Entrate, used to create digital invoices for use by local government offices and firms.
  • electronic payments, which are useful because they minimise cash-handling and reduce corruption and tax evasion
  • online civil and tax trials
  • online cash reports
  • digital signatures

Finally, new technologies are allowing us to improve efficiency and performance with regard to :

  • electronic filing and data-entry
  • cloud data sharing (e.g. Google drive)

Current developments

By using technology, small enterprises are learning how to gain competitiveness; some of them have no more paper documents because they have scanned them all into storage sharing facilities.

Small enterprises have communication and IT consultants. They do not offer traditional “no-value” services. They update their websites regularly and offer new online services that have more visibility. They enhance customer relationships and increase sales volumes using only digital data.

Freelance consultants have to deal with joined offers, new financial services, new EU loans, new market developments, start-up support services, and foreign marketing support.

A lot of consultants work at least 30% of his time outside their offices, and that’s why new IT skills are required.

More than 40% of Italian consultants are using social networks to develop new relationships or advertise their services.

Today only 7% of freelancers are outsourcing their accounting, but soon this figure will rise, because this activity has minimal added value.

The winners of the Digital Expert Awards 2015 are:

The relationship between new IT and a rise in your turnover

Every day, the importance of digital communication and social network skills is growing!

You have to invest in new software for electronic data, cloud software and websites.

Digital innovation could be an interesting opportunity for small enterprises and their advisers, but how can you find the essential resources?

You could obtain a tax benefit by buying new assets for your business

(  ) and with EU training loans, which we will talk about in the near future.

The speed of your IT innovation is a relevant part of your marketing strategy!

Will you start expanding your business now?

Contact us right now!




Pubblicato da Elena Tallarita

Nata nel 1973, comincio a lavorare in Studio dal 1991 e mi laureo nel 1998, mi iscrivo all’Ordine dei Commercialisti nel 2001. Le mie principali competenze, oltre alle classiche contabili e fiscali, sono: – Rilancio delle piccole imprese e microimprese – Assisto i “Food and beverage manager” per il settore della ristorazione – Amministrazione di Sostegno, per garantire un supporto professionale e umano alle persone con disabilità – Formazione per la gestione della contabilità

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