Do you think that pubs, bars, restaurants are all alike?

I strongly believe that businesses with a clear identity will become the most successful!

In this article, I will explain to you how to manage a retail business in a new way, getting the most from your talents and strengths with the help of a business consultant.

By looking at a case-study, we can discover together how to increase your turnover, promote your brand and improve your business’s efficiency.

To explain better to you how strategies can help you to improve your performance, I want to tell you the story of “La Susina”, a “fruit bar” specialising in milkshake and fruit smoothies.  “La Susina”  is a modern yet original shop which is well described with the slogan ”Fruit and vegetables to drink.”


Why “La Susina” is so special?

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“Susina”is the Italian word for “plum”
The owners, Susanna and Valentina, in their little but comfortable shop, offer their customers a selection of vegan and macrobiotic food and drink; an original, healthy, environmentally-friendly and also tasteful decor.

Susanna and Valentina have identified a clear strategy: they want to attract customers to this new kind of bar which, though not very common in Italy, is growing in popularity.

La Susina is a clear example of how to deal with economic crisis with imagination: in fact they have planned an efficient strategy to win and expand their market-share even further.

The core business is sales and consumption of food and drink but its success is enhanced by the following additional services offered:

  • take-away items to attract customers who want to eat healthy food at home even if they have no time or desire to cook
  • online order and food delivery service, based on the network buonappetitomilano.it
  • sales of vegan and macrobiotic products which are sometimes hard to find at the supermarket
  • the selling in a “street-food” style, with a coloured pick-up around the streets of Milan.


Tips to take-away from the success of “La Susina”

Susina has a clear and well-developed identity which distinguishes itself clearly from its competitors.  Being unique is essential to capture and retain a loyal customer base.

 Be yourself and be unique

Let’s see together what kind of actions you could take to relaunch your business by analysing the “La Susina” case study:

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    A unique style
    The product: “La Susina” has chosen a specific area – vegan and macrobiotic products – and it is putting its efforts into become well-known in this area. So you have to find a specific area and a clear target and specialise in it.
  • Brand Identity: “La Susina”, with an expert designer, has created an icon, a logo and a style which identifies its business very clearly.
  • Community: “La Susina” takes care of its online community: it publishes on Facebook what it aims to do as a business and chat with its customers and followers.
  • Rewiews: when a potential customer wants to choose a cafe or a restaurant, he / she often finds information and reviews on the internet. For this reason. it is important to be have a presence on the “Tripadvisor” community: in this way you can be found by a large section of the general public and customer satisfaction can be expressed. In particular, it is important to analyse and reply to reviews and take customer advice seriously.

In studying together this interesting business experience, we have seen that it is possible to deal with and overcome commercial challenges with original solutions, change the habits of consumers and build up and firm and loyal customer base.


A precious talent by your side

If you want your business to become a market-leader and constantly ensure customer satisfaction, there is a lot of back-office work to do : you have to arrange supplies, plan the menu, organise the kitchen, keep records of daily activities, study new technologies and so on

And you also have to budget carefully, studying and the sales and income figures. So it is crucial to work in a very organised and professional way.

Do you think that an entrepreneur in the catering field can do  of all this things on his own  or should he focus on his core business, managing the kitchen and ensuring customer satisfaction?

Not everyone knows or can do all this work on their own: a Food and Beverage Manager is a consultant who can work with entrepreneurs to complement their management and strengths.

If you too want to relaunch your business, bar or restaurant but you don’t know how, let’s work together! We will plan with you how to modernise your business and market it better to your customers!

Contact us to relaunch your business!



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