In Italian law, there is a system comparable to US or English law whereby someone can be appointed by the court to manage the property of a disabled person on their behalf, and under the supervision of a judge.

Such a responsibility requires careful planning and expert assistance in order to put together a bespoke plan which ensures the maximum protection for the disabled person but also values his or her talents.

How we will work with you

We can meet you and consider the level of independence of the disabled person and the extent of the financial and property support required.

  1. We can meet the relevant judge with you in order to discuss how the property and assets can best be managed. This will include consideration of any retirement pension and other income which the disabled person may have (or need) in order to guarantee him/her a good quality of life.
  2. We can ease the worries and workload of the disabled person and their family by taking care of all outgoings and dealings with banks and local government offices with regard to the management of his/her assets.
  3. We can issue yearly reports, as required by law, to the relevant judge covering all financial activity and the quality of life of the beneficiary.

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